Want silky-smooth, hairless skin? You’re not alone. Millions of people across the world shave regularly. Unfortunately, many rely on outdated methods that often leave a mess or provide uneven results. If traditional razors and wax treatments aren’t cutting it, our laser hair removal treatment may be right for you. This system relies on light energy to eliminate hair at its source, offering gorgeous, long-term results.


What Causes a Lot of Unwanted Hair?

The production of hair is influenced by hormones called androgens. Some people have more of these hormones than others, causing them to grow hair in excessive amounts after puberty. The more of these hormones you have, the thicker, darker, and more visible your hair is. While we can’t change our genetics, we can reduce unwanted hair safely and effectively thanks to the excel® HR device.

How Is This Issue Addressed?

Laser hair removal treatments don’t cause a mess like traditional razor and wax treatments. Hair removal with this system involves the use of a handpiece that emits laser energy onto the treatment site. The benefits of choosing excel® HR laser hair removal include minimal downtime after treatment, long-term results, and little-to-no side effects. excel® HR can remove even the lightest hair, giving you excellent results.

Photo of a woman's smooth legs

What Can I Expect?

Laser hair removal with excel® HR is convenient, safe, and effective. The device is designed to minimize any unpleasant sensations you may experience during treatment. Not all hair follicles in a treatment area can be targeted in a single session, so several sessions may be needed to get the best results. Some slight reddening of the skin and minor swelling can be experienced after the session. This should resolve within a day or two.

Unwanted Hair Removal in Johnston, Rhode Island

Get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted with laser hair removal. This treatment is non-invasive and effective in providing you with the gorgeous skin you deserve. Learn more about excel® HR and our other options by filling out the form below or giving our office a call at (401) 273-1982.