We often can’t control the appearance of facial veins. Still, when they do form, we certainly don’t want them sticking around. If you’ve noticed blue or red veins on your skin, our excel® HR laser treatment can help. This device targets superficial veins with pinpoint precision, eliminating them without requiring injections. Little to no downtime is needed after the session and the results are long-lasting. Why wait? Get in touch with our office to learn more today.


What Causes Facial Veins?

Spider veins tend to be blue or red and, as the name implies, form in a spider web-like pattern. These veins are usually not a health risk and form because of too much sun exposure. Staying in the sun without sunscreen or having sunburns can dilate your blood vessels. When your skin experiences sun damage, its top layer can peel and make the blood vessels directly under the skin more visible.

How Is This Issue Addressed?

In the past, sclerotherapy was the go-to method for eliminating spider veins. However, the idea of injecting a solution that closes unwanted veins doesn’t sit well with everyone. excel® HR offers a non-invasive solution that focuses on the surface of your skin. This device removes veins through targeted bursts of light. This process simultaneously stimulates collagen production, facilitating long-term skin improvement.

Close-up photo of facial veins

What Can I Expect?

Sessions with the excel® HR are typically well-tolerated. The device uses a handpiece that is applied to the surface of your skin. As the handpiece glides over the treatment area, it releases heat which collapses the targeted veins. Spider veins are essentially offshoot broken blood vessels that can be collapsed safely without issue. Once they’re collapsed, they are reabsorbed by the body. Several sessions may be needed to get the best results from this treatment. 

Treatments for Facial Veins in Johnston, Rhode Island

Spider veins don’t have to be a concern any longer. At Infinity Wellness, we provide expert excel® HR laser treatments to eliminate these marks and give you the beautiful skin you deserve. To learn more about this treatment, get in touch by filling out the form below or giving our office a call at (401) 273-1982.